the game server does not start

Orion 5
Orion 5
Joined Sep 2015 Posts: 17
the game server does not start the problem of the game does not start from December 24 at 3 pm, several players cannot enter to play vega conflict, nor do the AW event

  • Mundo69
    Joined Sep 2014 Posts: 2
    Sure glad I'm not the only one!!!  Been trying to log in from my PC for two days now and get the same thing!  I can get on my main by logging in mobile but that's it!
  • SmashM
    Joined Jan 2014 Posts: 6
    You not the only one. its been **** for two days now. Put ticket in and they got the cheak to tell me to test my end and internet speed (big cop out). I have done what they requested and all is good my end. I got better things to be doing that being fucced around by these clowns
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