The new and improved (but currently incomplete) new player guide

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Hello there new Commander and welcome to the Miner Rebellion!
The aim of this guide is to get you from a new commander just starting out to a commander that can hold off their own in the frontlines against the hostile factions from deep space.

VEGA Conflict Discord

VEGA Conflict has an official Discord server where you can talk and ask questions about the Guide or anything VEGA Conflict related for that matter. The image will bring you to a server invite. If at any point you are lost as to what to do or are confused about something, don't hesitate to ask in the VEGA Conflict Discord or send me a PM via discord and I'll be happy to help you where I can: BitingTiger#8645

Part 1: Campaigns

Campaigns are your bread and butter when starting out VEGA Conflict, they are what allows you to progress to higher tiers in form of blueprints and prefitted hulls (hulls that already come with weapons, shields, armor and specials equipped) while also upgrading your base.
Each Campaign unlocks after a certain amount of IRL days, meaning you'll have enough time to try out new things and learn about the game, so Campaign 1 will unlock after 2 days of account creation, campaign 2 after 4 days, etc.

Each campaign consists of 4 runs total with a different reward every campaign and run. 

First off: While many players, including me, are against VEGA Conflict's expensive micro-transactions, I will for once suggest considering the coin deal you will get at the start of the game and lasts a month, naturally only if you have the budget for it.
When clicking on the golden coin icon in the top left, you will see multiple deals, one of which will offer you 6 Bastion Cruisers and base upgrades valued at $9.99 USD. The bastion cruiser hull is a Tier 7 hull that will allow you to skip a large part of the starting part of Vega Conflict and thus skip both Tier 6 and Tier 6.5.
Buying this offer also unlocks the Commerce module for you, a module that generates a specific amount of coins per day relative to the module's level. The higher the module level, the more coins it will generate per day, up to a max of 25 per day..

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    Intermission (Part 3.5): Tier 7 Elemental Damage

    A new feature that is introduced in Tier 7 is faction elemental damage. One of which you have seen already, namely XENO/ alien damage.
    The 3 factions of Tier 7 tech have 3 different damage types/ element. These weapons dealing faction damage will have to be either converted or crafted in the workshop.

    The Altairians are a faction that has Alien and Plasma damage resistances while utilizing Alien damage as their faction damage. The defensive measures this faction uses are Shells/ Shields.

    Umbra is a faction that has Blight and Alien damage resistances while utilizing Blight damage as their faction damage. The defensive measures this faction uses is Ablative armor which regenerates based on armor damage dealt.

    The Pharmakon AI are a faction that has Plasma and Blight damage resistances while utilizing Plasma damage as their faction damage. The defensive measures this faction uses are Screens. A defensive measure that allows the hull to enter a "phased" state where it will have increased speed and is immune to damage while reducing firing speed. This mechanic works on energy, said energy will decrease on its own or by being attacked by enemy hulls.

    These hulls operate on a Rock > Paper > Scissors system (RPS) where Altairians beat Pharmakon, Umbra beats Altairian and Pharmakon beats Umbra.

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    Part 4: Getting the Sovereign Carrier

    This is a relatively short and straightforward part but crucial to climbing up in tiers.
    The sovereign carrier is a carrier that uses beam weapons instead of drones and squadrons like you've seen and used until now. This beam does more damage the longer it can fire and thus will help you clear stronger targets faster.
    Just like the paladin carrier it does not come with a support field and thus needs a piece of tech equipped to create one.

    Sovereign Carrier:
    Image result for sovereign carrier
    The Sovereign Carrier (Sov) is the Tier 7 equivalent of the Paladin Carrier and just like the Paladin Carrier it doesn't come with a support field equipped.
    All tier 7 carrier hulls no longer use drones or squadrons, they use special weapons. The Sovereign mainly uses a weapon called the Cyclotron beam of which a level 3 XENO version can be farmed. They can however still fit squadrons on them.

    Targets to be hit:
    For the Sovereign carrier you will need to attack Altairian Mothership cargo lvl 94.
    These targets are not easy at all and will require you to stay alert and kill the Sovereign as fast as you can since it will deal heavy damage the moment you get into range and its beams are charged.

    It is advised to kill the Inquisitor destroyers as well since their Eclipse Drivers will bypass your shields for a large amount.
    Fleet video:

    Enguard Overdrive Generator:
    This overdrive is the most widely used field generator on the Sovereign Carrier since it will boost both itself and the ships inside of the field once 3 enemy hulls are withing the Sovereign Carrier's firing range.
    The Sovereign itself will gain 10% Shield defense, 5 counter chain and counter pierce while also eliminating the damage delay needed to start regenerating shields when active.
    The ships inside the field will gain 5% shield defense, +100% shield damage and +50% weapon speed
    Disclaimer: This is a generator only available via the Altairian strike event and thus is available only once or twice per month.
    You can read more about it here:

    Cyclotron Beam:
    The Cyclotron Beam is the weapon that was released together with the Sovereign Carrier and thus is its signature weapon. It's a beam that will fire after a "charging" delay but will fire on the hull/hulls that enter it's firing arc or was present in its firing arc while charging and this cannot be changed to other targets while firing.
    Unique to the Cyclotron Beam is the fact that it can acquire Overcharge without needing a special. Overcharge will increase the damage output of the Cyclotron beam a brief delay after starting to fire.
    Just like the Enguard Overdrive Generator this weapon is only available in Altairian Strike and some other events.
    You can read more about it here:

    These items are not mandatory but they increase the strength if you Sovereign by a large margin and thus are recommended.
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    Part 5: The Tier 7 entrance

    With the Sovereign Carrier acquired and properly fitted you will need to farm the next hull namely the Umbra Ogre Battleship.
    As stated before Umbra uses regenerating defenses in the form of Ablative Armor. This armor is fitted in the defense slot like a shield but can only be equipped on Umbra, Umbra also cannot equip shields nor screens.

    Ogre Battleship:
    Image result for Ogre battleship
    The Ogre battleship is a relatively versatile Battleship compared to others because of high firepower even at mark one together with regenerating defenses. Its signature weapon is the Nova Missile.

    Targets to be hit:
    The Ogre battleship blueprint can be aquired from Umbra Hellion CArgo lvl 92 targets. These targets also provide the Nova Missile and Ablative Tungsten Armor blueprints explained below.

    Nova missile:
    A missile that splits in a V when fired and will create smaller secondary explosions which deal 120% damage based on the first explosion.
    This missile does not lock on but is predicatively aimed towards the target.
    The split is a weakness of the Nova Missile that some targets will utilize even though the AI is not programmed for this. If this happens it's best to turn your ogres a small amount to make the enemy target move from the blind spot.

    Ablative Tungsten Armor:
    Ablative Tungsten Armor is Umbra's only defense tech, thus only this armor can be fitted on these hulls in terms of defensive capabilities.
    This armor regenerates on the armor hp damage you deal. Shield, Ablative Armor nor Screens recover ablative health.
    Keep in mind that this armor requires a minimal amount of damage to be dealt to allow for Ablative recovery, the amount of which you can find on the defensive tech stated as Ablative Damage Threshold.

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