HTML 5 Beta Test Version

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Some players are saying they have beta access; if this is the case... why only some?
  • tklawrence
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    Because that's how Kixeye can work out some of the bugs.  It's typical for any software development to start with a few testing the software before a full scale rollout.
  • Templar614
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    The HTML5 beta hasn't started yet. The only people who are playing in it are Kixeye staff.
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    If everyone had access, it wouldn't be a test - it'd be a release... 

    And IF it were available to everyone in the testing phase, and something went wrong - would people still complain about kix not testing things before letting people use it?
    I have a hard time believing that we are dealing with a company that is brilliantly scamming us AND entirely incompetent. 

    This is a private company in a capitalist market trying to make money - your money. Give it to them, or don't - but don't fault them for trying. 
  • CM_Ghillie
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    No beta testing as of yet, but we should see it roll out in the next couple of weeks. Pretty exciting stuff.
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    i thought we was still in flash beta testing on bp tbh , with the current issues  :#
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    they want to make sure all  targets  are  impossible for all players  no matter what upgrade level your fleet is ,once this is sorted then  it will be open for all players 

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