ferrite armor

Mark Dulik
Mark Dulik
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Whats the point of the ferrite armor? i refit a prea with all ferrite armor and sent it out with the flt that has isotope armor. The damage was the same on all the ships, i see no positive gain for going through the trouble of refitting the rest of my flt with this armor. Am i missing something here? or is it just another carrot on a stick from kix to make me burn 70m on the fm?
  • Dave Martin
    Dave Martin
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    yes its a ploy to suck more coin for something that doesnt work... just like the pegs in tlc tides of march... ONLY way to finish pack 2 is with coin..

  • FoolishThumper
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    This is my current build. With 0-1 armors I am not able to hit a 121 and do free map repair. However, with 4 armors I can. I stopped hitting the big targets altogether. Just split up the fleet, hit 5 120s/121s for 3 million each time. I know this doesn't exactly answer your question, but I hope it helps. As a side note, @DerpyTheCow just posted a new video showing his "final" praetorian build.
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