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How to help the beleaguered gaming community AND make Kixeye seem like heroes at the same time? A worthy challenge indeed. Hmmm.  I GOT IT! How about ... a new rogue crew that bestows +15% splash damage reduction. You can call it something clever like the "Artful Dodgers".
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    Aside from its not going to happen, I would be happy if kix made the current 3 star crews easier to get. And made the BB and DoS crews easier as well.
    As I said, your idea whilst nice, and my suggestion, will never be put in place, it goes against this current bunch of ................. philosophy re how much damage we should take. 
    What me cynical, no, never, maybe!!, well I have been playing kix games for over 3 years.
    Remember its just a game, your life doesn't rely on you being the best.
    Sectors visited :- Who cares, been to some killed some stuff moved on.
    Hulls :- Yep got some and some have guns and stuff
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