Can a sort of regular hard base handle ...

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25 Ace fully loaded with napalm ... within two rounds of attack ?? not trollin here just curious about how good they are I only have 6 of them and they're just awesome to me.
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    Many defensive measures available to counter an Ace only spam attack.  Spreading the base will certainly help and I've found the following for base platoon very effective:
    • Screamer - reduces the movement speed of enemy aircraft
    • Nick - at max level with tech +2 mil damage per second
    • Legendary BFG w/ air tech - similar to Nick, but five more levels required to reach same kill capability
    • Artemis / Seraph / Buzz-saw - excellent air only infantry especially in bunkers / watchtowers for increase damage / range
    • Tech with rocket man - low size and good fire against air units
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