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Hello Kixeye,
Hope you all doing well,
I just wanted to share my thoughts on this Raid:-
This Raid Top Tier targets aka 130 and 132 are super Lengthy,if you want to do a target with decent driving and low repair,each target takes upto 7-10 minutes,which means each set can take 15-20 minutes which is quite lengthy.
when you can do 3 sets only in an hour,is not good.
Most of you might say this raid we didn't had much to get,but wouldn't mean next raid you also wouldn't have much to get,next raid you will definitely have new skirmish or Garrison hull,weapon,specials,upgrades so you gotta need a lot points so with each target take 7-10 minutes its gonna take years unless you blitz the raid.
And also who would prep for team mates when each set takes upto 20 minutes.
As an Average Raid each target should take 2-5 minutes max,that way its easy and fast to grind and also can prep for team mates,
Thats all i wanted to say and suggest for next Raid's targets,other than this,Raid targets were quite fun and new type of targets.also Pegasus fleet is fun to drive.
Thank you.
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    Impatient whales blitz.  There is nothing wrong, these targets are working as intended.  

    Me: Here is how I clear the fleets out of the 500 with Silverfish
    Worz: Um... You're hiding behind a rock.
    Me: I'd hide behind a preschool if I thought it would help
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    Yah, I agree, even thought the Pegasus are fun to drive and the targets were kind of cool, this was pretty much the most boring raid event ever. So much that i actually kept on falling asleep in the middle of targets. Lol, even Shipwreck event was more exiting.

    Maybe next time you could just double the speed in these targets, everything just moving at twice the speed would make it a lot more fun and that would help tremendously. 
  • jonkilawat
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    to much time to get points for suck low panel of prizes available. then right after the raid  you offer deals on whole fleet of Pegasus plus upgrades.  why bother doing the hours for the raid when people can buy them  right afterwards.  would be nice if kixeye would Liston to the players for a change 
  • mlkmn140
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    i agree love the targets kix...but way, way , to long of time in each one....
  • kaisa
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    i liked the targets once you figure the pattern it was a lot more doable.... on another note.... since it seems kix is all about the "UPGRADE" how are we suppose to build ships refit and upgrade with 1 shipyard. build takes 11 days from scratch then another 7+ for all upgrades for 1 ship...there isn't enough time in a month to get these all done in time.... my pegs are all U3 and even with the tokens from the raid i might only just be able to get them X1 before next raid... give us an upgrade lab so we can do these concurrent with normal builds or refits..

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    I agree with the comments here. The targets and the pegs had what could have been an interesting dynamic. But 10 min per target (or more) is too much. Lets say you were in really good shape coming into this raid. You would get the peg/war peg tokens (15M), Preat upgrade kits (20M), 8 war peg upgrade kits (2M), 40 peg upgrade kits (10M) For a total of 47M points PLUS 15M more for the bayonet if you actually care about shipwrecks.

    If it takes 20min to get 1M points... that's just shy of 21 hours! Damage (which is manageable for once) aside, that's some serious seat time. I know that they are selling time to the whales, but they are killing the game for everyone else. Is this the expectation from the design team? We will get so bored we are willing to coin?? Here is an original idea: make your game so entertaining that we are willing to coin!
    Upgrade Pirates is not as fun as Battle Pirates
  • ihonork
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    Playing as a team is a key part of BP for most and i will have no time to prep for my team mates because the targets take to long and that is the fun part helping others, please drop the times next month.
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    i agree with what you say Jerry ,and i would also say put some prizes in raid that player want ,
    this raid is by far  the quietest raid i have known in  a normally very active sector .
    most players got there points  for some prizes in the first 24 hours ,
    after that  dead  nobody  sector coms dead for hours even world comms dead for hours ,
    and it will be the same in the next raid 
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    I have to agree with most here.... the raid target 'puzzle' should take some time and some coin/effort to crack, but once it is cracked by the player base, the cost in coins/seat time/effort 'paid'... kixeye should let us enjoy the fruits of our labour and let us run. 

    Allowing us to run through our own needs will free us up to help other players etc.

    its day 3 into the raid and even though I coined to get fleets to U3.... i still have to put in horrendous amount of seat time to barely reach enough points for myself. that leaves me less time to help others.
    Kenneth _T
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    kaisa said:
    i liked the targets once you figure the pattern it was a lot more doable.... on another note.... since it seems kix is all about the "UPGRADE" how are we suppose to build ships refit and upgrade with 1 shipyard. build takes 11 days from scratch then another 7+ for all upgrades for 1 ship...there isn't enough time in a month to get these all done in time.... my pegs are all U3 and even with the tokens from the raid i might only just be able to get them X1 before next raid... give us an upgrade lab so we can do these concurrent with normal builds or refits..

    Never gonna happen. Its where Still/Kix makes most of their money, they aint gonna throw away a cash cow like that.
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    doing camp for breacher upgrade as raid is rubbish but not getting upgrade parts wtf  looks like everything messed up 
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    As Jerry and others have said it is a lengthy process and due to work commitments and real life I am one of those that is currently playing catch up a little! So my only option would be to coin a whole lot of stuff which I feel is unfair and coining a ship repair to get at it is fine but..................
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    I agree 100% targets take too long to drive. I found this raid to be so boring and had no motivation at all to do  it hence why i only have 11 million. Everything in the game is a grind now and all the fun has gone from the game. I am over all these upgrades and kits. Put the upgrades into the Retro lab so that we dont have to choose between building and upgrading. Its ok for people that coin but for those that dont its a tedious prospect and fleets remain half upgraded because with raids every 2 mths you dont get the fleet completed. 
  • de witte
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    totally agree with the time needed to do targets.
    I had the kits( and sy time ) to upgrade 1 ship to U3 and flag to U1.
    I put the U3 in spot 5 and to my surprise ships 2,3,4 hardly take damage and they are  not even full builds with 4 specials and 1 armor.
    Average damage in 130 is 15 minutes ,132 18 minutes, with all damage to 1 and 5.
    No doubt i will need to do some more refitting and upgrading for next raid but by no means i will need to get all the kits and tokens .
    To bad there are no other prizes i could use.
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    I believe we are being tortured into coining by such a monotonous raid, i can barely stay awake to finish a target. 
  • kixeyeuser_1394199261612_599659758
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    Agreed, and also last minute release of hull upgrades is just ridiculous.  At least try to look like you are not monetising every aspect of the game when you are.
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    100%..... To bad they are at the point they care less if battle Pirates folds.. I am guilty of being a sucker and coining chore fleets but iv'e not spent a single coin in this raid or the last 2 due to whomever runs this junk now being so open about not caring about the ones who keep them employed.. Guess its time to rethink even coining chore fleets, iv'e already vowed not to coin a baser/defender or any aspect of my base... 
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    how about a game feed back???
  • Midnight_Sun
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    this is not battle pirates any more
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    I agree. Although the targets are somewhat well balanced and require at least some skill, there are 2 aspects that affect my player experience negatively. First and foremost, the time required to complete them. It takes lots and lots of seat time for rather low points. This could be dealt with in different ways: increase the points, remove some parts of the puzzle, increase the speed, lower the "slower-speed" effect from CIC. But please, oh please, do not add another upgrade to solve this!!! Second, I'm probably not the only one with lag, and it's very hard to run from ships in that case (I know that's not necessarily Kix's fault, but maybe they could take that into account when designing the targets).
  • Jorge Principe
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    100% agree. The time to play BP is unbearable !! A game is for fun may not be a must.
  • cplyer1
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    Agreed. Targets take too long to complete.
  • Elizabeth Dallas
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    Agree, well said.
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    Agreed, more speed please.
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    Agree.  Want to emphasize a point you made.  If targets take too long, who is going to prep for lower-level players?  I would not have gotten a foothold in this game had it not been for an alliance member prepping for me to get Rhinos.  Once I had Rhinos, I was on my way.  But the game has changed so much since then.
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    Has the raid crashed ?
  • sardonique13
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    7 days.......err......6 days.........

    ex-IKY, ex-DOA, ex-PNLS, never ex-ex.....

    .....hey pirates....I'm back.  Buwahahahaha
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    I also agree with the statement, target times are too long. Even thought its a 5 days raid, it include 3 working days. You hardly get 2-3 hours max on working day to play the game and if you really do not have life include 5 hours each on weekends. 

    I only have done 5 sets. LOL  interesting targets but time make you feel bored. 
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