Time to add generic upgrade Tokens to the FM ??

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The upgrading time is enormous especially with the release of the X1 upgrade.
The upgrading time is about the same as to build a ship ( A ship always need a little refit too).

It would be time to add Ship generic upgrade tokens to the Fm.
Just like ship build tokens the ship upgrade tokens could be in FM chests with the same payout.

Kixeye said the build time for ships would go down and it went down a little but then they more than double it when they released the "Upgrades U1, U2, U3 AND X1"
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    I like your idea but would rather see th eupgrade system removed and the use of releasing new hulls be brought back. I am thinking that when the game was ran for several years by releasing hulls almost every month that after awhile kix found out that it was not making as much money as it could since it's players was ablw to have fun  at the same time as  finding ways to shorten build times and win ships for almost free.  so th eplan was to stop or slow down the offering of new hulls and then sell upgrades that would be needed to give the  increase in strength that we used to get with new hull and then increase the difficulty of targets to where the upgrades are needed. And all that is needed to raise  mnore money is toi increase the upgrade level and no real work needs to be put intop new hull designs any more. But kix already sells tokens to shorten the upgrade times so why  would they decide to  take away an income source?
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    1 fleet with all upgrate is the same if you build 2 fleets for the raid.  when you gets it that kix only lies. 
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