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What with this... people waiting 15min for 1 battle and several of us online testing it.
  • filmbryan1
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    Arena has been a dead end for years now. Even if friends try to jump in with you it rarely connects.
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  • coolcat00
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    forsaken arena is still a thing????
  • James Leon
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    coolcat00 said:
    forsaken arena is still a thing????
    i view it like a lottery ticket that wins nothing. I add a fleet and than exit the arena. Check back withing a few days to see if won or loss.  Iloved the arena whenit started and until subs  were abused in it. It was fun fvf and also fun to test base fleets against base fleet.
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  • zeusIII
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    Tried it - couldn't find anyone to battle. Too much specialized stuff. We used to just attack a fleet. Any fleet and win or loose. Had a few chore fleets afew raid fleets and a fleet of basers. Chore and raid fleets ended up being the same... too many ships to build and nowhere to sail.
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