Graeme Derbyshire
Graeme Derbyshire
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Spending 7 days researching some Aegis shards is annoying ... The hull is useless!
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    Cyanide Sandwich
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    And to think... if you had just spent 7 minutes actually researching the Aegis, you would have know it was useless
    I have a hard time believing that we are dealing with a company that is brilliantly scamming us AND entirely incompetent. 

    This is a private company in a capitalist market trying to make money - your money. Give it to them, or don't - but don't fault them for trying. 
  • kixeyeuser_1375599580027_13280_1382897133
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    Although the aegis is worthless now, R&D is still worth doing to get the map speed boosts that come later.

    Kixeye should reduce the times though to reflect the obsolete nature of the aegis and artemis that comes later

    I never built either
  • ScattergunScott
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    Aegis probably was something good when introduced. Now obsolete, like most stuff it's age.  But, always do the R&D for the Boosts, as said above. 
  • filmbryan1
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    To put into perspective the aegis was most useful in the time between mastys and rhinos. They died out completely when six started using priority targeting in its raids. I used that hull for a long time, but **** the build time was painful.
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  • Templar614
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    Neither of the ships you get from R&D are worth anything in today's meta.

    However, they are worth doing so you can progress through R&D and get the other buffs.

    Most notably the ship build/refit/repair reductions.

    The map speed is also pretty nice.
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