Jacked Rabbit Dragon Runner- Sentinel Light Vehicle Concept

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Jacked Rabbit Dragon Runner

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old Jack Rabbit is Jacked with new age and Latest Technology

with Current game level and unit stats

with its own mini drones robo to give it a bud "Dragon Runner"

The Jacked rabbit has the Burst Resistant  armor type

making it very resistant against Tank shells, but vulnerable versus bullets

the jacked rabbit has been reinforced with additional armor to minimize damage from shells that do find their target

and its mini drone robo resistant against sustain damage

The Jacked rabbit is considered a Tank due to it having tracks instead of wheels

The small size and low profile of Jacked rabbit makes them very difficult for tanks to damage.

These medium-armored drones are mounted with M60E4 machine guns for anti infantry firepower.

size :75

Health : 5,000,000

Damage DPS : 400,000

Range : 525

Damage Type : Sustain Damage

mini drone robo stats : Health: 900,000 ; Damage : 80,000 : Range :425

mini drone robo is very resistant to sustain damage

instantly produced when destroyed

Level-10 Talent : 2 mini drone robo

Level-20 Talent : robo gets fire at will

Jacked rabbit Repair Time : 21 minutes

Jacked Rabbit dragon runner Movement speed :4

with mini drone Robo always ahead to give cover to Jacked Rabbit

40 Jacked Rabbits in a platoon

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    Just letting you know it will be op, the only thing stopping it is Viral turrets and that's if the drones are linked with the parent
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    Like 10 of these at level 20 can clear nearly every target in the current game with no damage if used even remotely strategically due to the drones behaving aggressively, never mind a full toon. They have more utility than the freaking HIVE due to that mechanic alone.

    You don't need to control the drones. Your control over the vehicle and their deployment mechanics give you everything you could ever need to clear everything with infinitely respawning aggressive drones due to it letting you control their spawn points.

    You can dislike it all you want, Hulk, but that doesn't change the awful balance. But if you think you have a counterpoint, I'd be delighted to poke holes in hear it.

    I'm starting to understand Magic Bunny's perspective...
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