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I was bored on a trip to go see some of my extended family and decided to redownload this game that I have dedicated a lot of time too but got overwhelmed by the power creep that had become rampant in the game. I had been playing ever since the best ships people could have were the vega security hulls (revelation and dread in case I got the faction wrong) and I was looking up how to farm lvl 35 vega cargo with rancors to get installed repaired time and quit shortly after the release of iron star company. Came back a little later to get the axis ships then quit again. I'm returning now because the campaigns have given me access to xeno tech and I want to feel the love I once had for Vega Conflict. The question I'm asking now is just simply. Is alien tech even good enough to be relevant, or will I have to use it to grind my way up to the latest and greatest power creep ship that comes out? Thanks for the help guys, I've always found this community to be one of the less toxic in the gaming industry.

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    Dear Cyrus400:

    The game is beautiful. We both know that. The problem is that actually the players are dealing with the Tier 8 and the nerfing of the Pharmakons.

    Right now, of you want to go straight to be updated you will need to acquire 3-5 umbra battleships and then, upgrade them to mk4 using exclusive weapons. With that, you can farm the new Tier 8 Val's hulls. The Pharmakon battleship with the new being that will be released this November will be a big headache! According to the released information given by Toxieye, well be easy pretty for the high speed umbra ships due they can be targeted! Weeeeeee! Chronicle of an announced dead!

    Until today, those Pharma battleships were the best allied we had for farming Umbra battleship fleets... Those days are over!

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    Its not worth it unless you can get the new umbra battleships as stated above. 
    If you want to start a 6-15month grind, then yes get started, otherwise just run away.
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    Worth it is of course very subjective. For various reason I've kept playing for the last few years as I still enjoy it. Yes it's grindy, but I'm ok with that and I also don't feel any need to be able to out-coin the top coiners so I just have fun where I'm at. It's actually a lot easier than it used to be to get the latest tech.

    VC now also has an official Discord channel where a lot of the chatter that used to be on the forums has moved to, so if you do decide to stay active, you might want to check it out:
    Because I like the Condor!
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    Login and get the Free hull and Res drop. I have been playing around with the Manticore's and found that they can be very useful to MK up old T6 and T7 hulls. 
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    Well I went to restart my old acct but found for some reason it didnt get the gift of the 5 free manticores. Shockingly if I want to come back to the game I am actually better off starting completely fresh than using my acct I spent hundreds on when I played. With the campaigns and the free Manticores everything from harrier frigates to dominion carriers are completely obsolete. The game is all about the latest release of ships which will always be better than than the previous best. The previous best then get nerf'd and the cycle starts again. Its all to draw out money from those willing to spend for the latest tech instead of building a really good game with depth. You can now start a completely new game and within an hour be 1-2 years further ahead in building levels and ship tech. As to whether it is worth revisiting that really is your call, all I can say is that as a former player who was looking into returning the lack of assistance in returning compared with new starters has persuaded me otherwise.
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    I'd rather visit my extended family than let this game suck any more life out of me.

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    Rather read a book.
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