ADDITION: Platoon Defense Planes

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Hello everyone, as suggested by the title, I would like to propose to the Kixeye administrators / moderators to give the possibility of insertion of air forces (helicopters and deployable fighter planes) within our base with a new defensive aerial platoon (for the base) or simply in the current defensive platoon for the base (currently only for land units possibly bringing the value 3800 to 4200 / 4500 ), give the opportunity to everyone and not just to the CC high levels.

Since when the flying turrets and other similar situations were added, I never understood why not being able to give the defensive strategy a different look made and not only of land units? Detail important to be enhanced.


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    There's the war production for the airfield which is kinda similar to what you're asking. Besides it would make for even harder bases, imagine you attack someone and found out he have aces in base

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    What level airfield is required.   i'm at 34 and still don't have that option

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