PROPOSAL: More time to attack the bases (PVP included).

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Hi everyone, I would like to offer you as suggested by the title of adding more time to the attack strategy of a base.
I wish the players had more time to organize their attacks and moves in a fight (not just PVP).

I believe that low-level players do not have the courage to attack the stronger ones because they would not even be able to finish the work they started (and therefore get the 3 stars with 100% of the destruction), especially in the PVP clashes.

The high level players do not have this problem and therefore for them the traditional 6 minutes are enough, especially if they have last generation units against smaller bases than theirs.

Based on this, this is what I think should be:
-Level 2 to 20 (15 minutes)
-Level 21 to 30 (12 minutes)
-Level 31 to 40 (10 minutes)
-Level 41 to 45 (9 minutes)
-Level 46 to 50 (8 minutes)
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    if only they let us add more unite in base deface due to the attacker can deploy as much units he can master

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