Troy Jones
Troy Jones
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Who else would like to see an upgrade for the landmines? Maybe a couple of new types of mines that are upgradable and more formattable to the ground units that we have now. 
  • smokindragon
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    they can not do anythings with the Landmines until the game is ported over to H5 the coder who did the mine work is no longer there and they have no clue how to fix the 3 or 4 different types of code that make them work now.
  • SnowStrike32
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    ... until they finish the port to HTML5 will apply to a lot of things for the near future. 

    But hey, worth it to keep the game around
  • baizid khan
    baizid khan
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    I think, they are not going to do it now because of  update.
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