Generation - IV Infantry concept for Sentinels : Bio -Armor suit with nanotechnology- Bione

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Bione is an infantry of Gen-IV

hard armor resistant to damage
very hard to kill 
melee damage

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bio suit for sentinels

powered by nano technology to absorb and spread incoming damage to maximum reduction

harder armor

bio technology helps sentinels in there goal to convert humans into trans-humans

damage type : burst with area of impact
splash : yes small

can hit Land units only

speed : 4

Health : 7,000,000

Damage DPS : 500,000

range : 200

space : 500

fast rate of fire

clip size : 1

reload time : 0.25 second

repair time : 1 hour 30 minutes

Level -1 talent : 25% damage reduction from all

Level -10 Talent : additional 25% more damage reduction

Level - 20 Talent : additional more 25% more damage reduction

workshop component

Arm : Blade increase range by 100/ create a nano drone which can hit air

training : adds splash to damage +100 splash to near by units or near by air borne buildings or air units by splash + 100 splash

armor : create a nano field on suit to damage aura in 50 range to every thing land/air

Rate of production of nano drone increases when it dies
number of nano drone produce is only 1

Level 1 talent + Level 2 talent + Level 3 Talent = 25% + 25 % + 25% = total 75% damage reduction

build Limit : 1/2/3/4/5 as per level of barrack
level-25 barrack 1 build limit
level-26 barrack 2 build limit
level-27 barrack 3 build limit
level-28 barrack 4 build limit
level-29 barrack 5 build limit

Bione is 3rd melee damage infantry

Bione is resistant to damage at low health

harder to kill when below 90% health

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    Basically at lvl20, this thing has 28,000,000 health and has the space of an Excavator, with the drawback of being melee, it also has 2,000,000 damage per second. I'm assuming it's imune to concussion and shock as most melee fast things are.

    The concept seems fine(Unit is very weak to plasma though as it ignores damage reduction), but like most suicidal units it will get very little use(unless you coin to repair them frequently) outside of being paired with Darkstorm. Even then 80 range gets outranged by anything with 320 range so.... Even with their tech that gives them 180 range, Annihilators have around the same space but 50% higher DPS and more range which makes them a better pair with darkstorm.

    Their speed makes them somewhat dodgy, but their ranges means their gonna have to get close to their foes and will probably draw a lot of focus.
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