GEN II Faction Turret

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Gen 2 faction turrets


Particle Accelerator Turret for Corpus

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Range :600

Damage(DPS) :600,000

Rate of Fire :10

Type : Burst + Area

Targets : Ground

Splash : initial 10 , After 5 sec 180

first unit get particle beam strike get burst damage

first no area of splash on first unit to get hit

then large area of splash to the surrounding units

the units  surrounding the first unit get area damage

exclusively Anti-Ground but splash can hit near by unlucky air got caught in the high energy charged atomic particles blast

Best strategy is to use anything other than ground like air and High Altitude units


AntiAir Laser Turret for sentinals

Image result for laser turret

Range : 600

Damage(DPS) : 600,000

Rate of Fire :300

Type: sustain Burst Damage

Targets : Air and High Altitude

Splash : 30

small area of splash

group of enemies get caught in the Laser get Continuous Laser Burn
High rate of Fire Laser Vaporise every thing in air

exclusively Anti-Air can't hit ground  units

Best Strategy against it is Ground units


Dragon Turret for Survivors

Related image

Range :600

Damage(DPS) : 600,000

Rate of Fire : 60

Type   : sustain area damage per second

Targets :Ground and Air Can't  hit High Altitude units

Splash : 50

medium area of splash like technicals flame thrower turret

both Anti-Ground & Anti-Air can't  hit high Altitude air

Ignited gas vapour flames bring everything
organic or inorganic
living or dead
moving metal or flying metal
to gaseous state
which comes in  range of the dragon's flares

Best strategy  is long range units and high altitude units

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    dragon turret seems interesting
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