Idea For corpus Heavy Tank - Crux - orbital Laser Tank

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CRUx-Orbital Laser Tank

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Crux signals satellites in orbit to focus solar beam 
Redirecting energy from an orbital laser,
to charges it's core
and focusing a destructive energy burst around it.

unleashes devastating power in a radius.

Target only Land Units

Speed :1

Range : 500

Health :  10,000,000

Damage DPS : 1,000,000

Rate of Fire : 1

Charge time : 3 second  (120)

Level-10 Talent cryorbit - spreading cryogenic coolent around itself to slow units

Level-20 Talent shockbit- releasing electrical discharge to shock vehicles

Crusader X in action

Reinventing the lost tech of crusader-x technology

Cusader Being Charged From A Satellite

The Crux is immune to the Shock ( Shock-ICON ) Status Effect.

The Crux is immune to the Scramble ( Scramble-ICON ) Status Effect.

Pros : area damage and High Health

Cons / disadvantages : Low rate of Fire and Target Land only

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