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I know this may be old but why oh why can't we get a second dozer for upgrades? A lot of us have been playing this game for years. So I believe Kixeye should reward us with another dozer. Or at least make the upgrades with less time to do it. Please, pretty please.
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    The thought of a second dozer has been asked and will never happen. It has been stated several times there will never be a second dozer.

    You have asked to make upgrade times less. They have done that sever times already and continue to do that as they introduce new to building the upgrade times get reduced on the previous levels. As you may already be at  the max level on the building you will not see the lowered times on the previous levels. but they are there.

    As this game is always evolving and changing they do look at the previous level when  new upgrades come out..

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