Where to begin after months of not playing? (pvp)

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First post so f##k it....So what units are good for pvp? thanks! also, i can already tell ill be doing a lot of grinding lol ALL TIPS HELP!
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    darkstorm nova romero prophet jugg are the basics......escorts are not bad.....hermes too. for air shephard( with the new tech) is a good base killer....legendary raptors are useful too
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    cerberus are best tanks for PVP

    You'll want to get the heavy uniques as fast as possible and whatever heavy artillery you can. Jugg is still very good (elite and up)

    For air, uniques are the priority of course. Other than that, aces, gunships, envoys, all do pretty well. Legendary raptors are a must. 

    Depends on what level of PVP you'll be at right now. You may only be fighting people who are nominally at a lower level than you. 

    Quick advice, don't underestimate anyone 35+.They can put units in bunkers/watchtowers that will be a painful surprise.
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     Want to PvP ASAP  ?   Take AT LEAST this unit :smile:

    (The number is by priority)

    Unique : 
    Thats already got its daily spawn base : 
    1. Darkstrom
    2. Romero
    3. Siege Squadron
    4. Prophet 

    Soon to be dropped : 
    1. Shepherd

    Defensive UNIQUE : 
    1. Screamer (to give you better chance againts air only attacker)
    2. Up to you, all is good equally

    Regular Generation I II III : 
    1. Envoy 
    2. Cerberus 
    3. Lancer (def and attack)
    4. Drakon (for def bunker) - Its relatively easy to get and low thorium to be built
    5. Escort
    6. Sharpshooter (for def bunker)
    7. Sentry (for def bunker)

    HERO :  (you can buy it either by spending Blood Thorium or on the Joined Faction event every 4 month)
    1. Nick (if its not there, it soon will be)  --- or at the next zombie event usually will be sold with 1.5 mil XP
    2. Martin
    3. Ardra

    With ALL of them, at least you can destroy almost every base except the online defended high lvl base

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