Battle Formations

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for Ease and time saving

Battle Troop formations
when there are more than 2/3 units
battle formation helps in saving time to spread units and unneeded repair time when many units get clustered and come under area  damage

like when there are 10 sentries/ 20 liberators
battle formations help in spreading out the units

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Columne Formation  used when making a hole in defense for more armored base on single point

Line Formation is used when many units attack on a convoy and to reduce effect of area damage / like multiple sentries/ liberators

Wedge Formation is used when there is need of shearing heavy defense in center and damage type is area

Vee formation  is used  when to surround and attack a group of enemy units having sustain/ burst damage type like in furious birds special ops having 10 furies / Burn Notice having 10 Chaplains / in base defense special ops liberty or death 20 liberators

to quickly assemble multiple units to save time and repair

similarly Left flank  to attack a base in formation from south-east / North-west direction in PvE  or PvP bases

and Right Flank to attack from South-west / North-East  Directions

Similarly some unique battle formations for base defense to quickly arrange units

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    Interesting.  Now if only Kixeye would offer the formations as a hot key selection.
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