Time to level out the playing field .

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Kixeye , I have noticed that you cater to the high level coiners . When something like the Interceptors being used as guard fleets happened , and all the higher levels were getting their base hitting fleets sunk , and they started whining and crying about it , you discontinued using Interceptors as guard fleets . Well , to make it fair , you should allow us low level coiners ( I do coin ) to use Interceptors as guard fleets . Or change the base hitting rules . Change it so a high level player can't hit a player who just turned level 80 . A level 120 or level 130 hitting a 80 is ridiculous . Kix , you need to cater to us low level coiners as well . If you don't I will coin no more . Time to level out the playing field .
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    I am a level 114 and have been hit a few times now by a level 153. I don't know what perverse pleasure he gains by walloping someone 39 levels below him, but all this clown is doing is forcing people out of the game. This has to stop and a return to a limit of bases either side of your own level that can be hit.
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    If the playing field is leveled out between high and mid-level players, what will be the difference between high and mid-level players?

    I think there are not enough players of any particular level range to reduce the hitting range.

    There are some high level players that are equal in strength only to players of a much lower level.   For instance, when I was Level 112, my turret guns and turret platforms were only Tier 4.     How would you account for that?

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