Upgrade Kits...Future idea.

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How about incorporating a Hull Kit's tab in the token bar? Only way for us players to tell how many kits we have for a specific hull is to wait until a hull is being upgraded, refitted or built in-order to determine how many kits we need or have. When we have the opportunity to gain certain kits, we also strive to purchase more than what is intended, especially for flag ships when they can be already at the final upgrade level.  I think a lot of players could benefit on knowing exactly how many they have with this feature. 
  • bill.potter.90
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    I agree it is very confusing and impossible to plan upgrades to ships when not knowing what you have and what is needed.  To have petty limits on upgrade tokens is equally a pain in the rear.  Current ship upgrade mess is just another stumbling block to having happy pirates in game....
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    Would be nice to have a search option too the way they put the new search for components in shipyard now for tokens - like type in breacher and every token for breacher comes up.
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    I think that, If you look when the upgrade tokens are posted the limit on the tokens which are in groups of 10 frequently. Multiply the limit by 10 and you will know how many kits are needed for the full fleet to be fully upgraded. That is my bestest guess LOL

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    Good idea.   

    PS: All posts in this forum are for Future Ideas.

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