Moment Of Silence

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Sometimes, did you ever fall in sadness without any reason ? In fact, there was a reason too. While you're moving fast on life rails, something was caught by your eyes, passing in front of you. Passing over the bridges which you are unaware of how they were built, you only care of yourself while you are moving on. You think you're the most unfortunate person who suffered the most on that train. You convince yourself that you had to do, something you did. However, there's a huge world outside the train. And in that world, some of sufferings don't even have a definition. You can't simulate them. It's not as easy as answering questions on a video or doing a thought experiment. Well, when you fell in sadness without any reason, realize that there's a reason too. While you're watching people who pass by you, just think about the options that you have. At that time, one of the virtues of justice, conscience, sacrifice, compassion that you already have will whisper you the best option.

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