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While using the user search feature, I used advanced search. It allows one to search for players who are in a certain sector, but some users hid their sectors as this field has a privacy setting. Those who hid the sectors will be in a "N/A" sector.

How can I search specifically for players who hid their sectors? That means, narrowing down the search such that only players in N/A sectors are shown?
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    Currently, there is no way to find the sector information without the permission of the player.  This part of the game mechanics is to help players who want to keep their sector private and is set by the player for their own reasons.   

    If a player attacks you or you attack a players base/platoons, a listing of the player will be available to you in the Attack Logs.  Currently, this is the only way a player can interact and discover which sector a player is currently located in.

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    I understand that there ain't a way to find sector information for those in N/A sectors. I just want to list the users with N/A sectors with no intention about asking their sector.
    IJustine, not iJustine. Or, IJsbrand.
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