lets go back to old school rules

col braddock sr
col braddock sr
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hey kix...you and i and the rest of the players know that the old schools rules should be applyed........hitting lvl players 4 up or down from your lvl..would be awsome ....not a lvl 45 hitting a lvl 35.....do the right thing...fix the rules
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    That system didnt work because you would have players making high powered alts and 30s running around harassing everyone and non stop talkin crap in chat knowing they were protected. Plus there isnt near as many high lvl players as there is lowers. Like a lvl 53 player has no one to hit in the game except like 100 48s so the system doesnt work in the end.
  • col braddock sr
    col braddock sr
    Joined Jan 2019 Posts: 12
    please dont listen to this guy........just fix the rules.old school is better....dont worry about pissing off the higher lvls most are hacks anyways
  • nametagg0
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    and what makes that better than what we have?
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    "You and I know and the rest of the players know"

    0 likes, 4 dislikes because, as has already been explained, the old system has many problems

    I'm starting to understand Magic Bunny's perspective...
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