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my processor was fine,  a tad slow but it worked in game.  after maint that changed the loading screen,  processor will not let me log in game and play the way i know i can.  my processor is at 2.ghz with a boost,  boost is a temp boost. with the new loading screen,  it forces all that try to log on,  to have at least a 2.4 ghz or higher,  to play this game,   DO YOU AT KIXEYE THINK PLAYERS WILL GO BUY A NEW COMPUTER TO PLAY THIS GAME  Prob not,  they will just shut there bases down.  you at kixeye,  please work this out before we loose even more family in this game ( That u think u are making better,  but u are not)  fix log on and no banners for players,  shut the game down for a few mins,  if u have to,  we all know that u would fix it right away if it was a glitch like,  a free gold glitch to all,  lmao
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    got the same problem
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    I have a problem when the game is loading, it only gets up to 75%. This is the case on all my accounts. I heard that the problem is that the game is too demanding. I can not get into the game for 10 days. I'm asking for an intervention.
    P.S. I'm not a lonely case, many players can not play War Commander! Game is working fine on other computers but I'm going to send you specifications from my main computer.
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