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abraham almahasneh84
abraham almahasneh84
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I want to understand ,if hackers and cheaters are just working in the game all the time ,they have hacked accounts ,with easy bases setup to kill in PVP and farm allot of metal ,they have allot of oil ,spooky ,black shark ,armata and all army maxed ,they can make any thing maxed ,they have also allot of thorium ,fair players cant do any thing for them ,they can kill any base ,they are working to keep attacking fair players ,allot of accounts are like this ,i want to ask you sir ,why you do not want to stop them ,they can hack server data?!? ,you must see your server data records and stop them ,server data have reports for how much oil they used and how much metal they are cheating ? ,server data must provide this and you must see that data every day ,you can program that data to show you the reports for that sir ,stop them pleas we cant do any thing in the game ,

If they are really using visa and master card for gold or not ,if they can hack server data or not . stop them pleas we cant fight more than 200 hacker and cheater ,we cant go to map and do map war or join a fair alliance , if we are farming strongholds they will wait to take that metal and keep it bad for us

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