VXP Weekends

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    spend 105 gold to get some ships ranked well i be better of doing it the slow way nearly just as much vxp for no coin lmao
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    kasabian said:
    i dont wanna sound like a cry baby, i never complain but im fairly new although i do have most up-to-date tech and hulls, i still just now have my 1st fang in shipyard, which still has 13 days. anyways what im getting at is the transition of the vxp targets come to soon for alot of us. if u could atleast trigger build tokens to buy to help with skirmish ships id be happy. ty 
    Just a tip. Never build ships in full in 1 go. Build just the hull(s) first, then refit to add all the other bits and pieces. Your Refit Bonus stacks on top of your Shipyard Build Bonus from R&D making refits shorter than if they were included in original builds. 8% or whatever it is doesn't sound like much at first, but per month of building that's over 2 days. Small benefits add up. Using the 8% bonus instead of the 6% bonus is still about a day faster per month of fleet building.

    You get the added benefit of having the ship available early to slam it into the VXP target in a suicide mission giving it a few thousand VXP to give a nice starting bump in rank.
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    hahahahaha i use to suicide my fleets all the time and skull them, i am not even participating in this vxp weekend, its a joke, worse one we've ever had, you guys are going backwards here, you want coin and i understand its a business, but you can only milk so much from a cow before it runs dry, i wont rank my fleet this time, this means i wont use my fleets in battle, means you get no coin for repairs from battles i participate in with my alliance, now everyone knows that when an alliance goes to war with another, coin is spent, but in my case, my fleets that need ranking wont be ready and this means that i simply wont use them,  so i guess you missed out on my coin this time around kixeye, well done
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    I found that vxp weekend is a very good time to rank your fleets, but like a few players i miss the weekend and have to wait and rank the old way 
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    wonder why vxp weekend not show on locator and i try to find vxp weekend levels to hit but it been say none in ur area for few hrs
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    hello katra

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