Reintroducing hull retrofit, or using kind of "revamp" of old Hulls

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For what I'm seeing, now the retrofit lab, outside from several needed retrofit at the specials, are totally sitting idle with no work. That's makes me thinking that if it would be better if the 'hull upgrade' could be reverted back into just the retrofit, or maybe giving another shipyard, one dedicated to do upgrades, maybe? That would release much of pressure most of players are encountering right now with lots of build, refit and upgrades needed to be done.

Next, is that lower tier ships, like from 2, 3, or 4 years ago had become useless, so why not introducing like a revamp of them as the top of the line for the next raid, like the first batch of tier 9, maybe? Of course, we need to like upgrade them first so something like maybe punisher V.2? Rhino V.2? or probably something like Zelos V.2? If this kind of upgrade system is being introduced, with kind of upgrading blueprints needed to be had before the upgrading could take progress(which the upgrading took lesser time than to build the hull from zero), it might lessened the pressure players felt right now. However, if some players doesn't have the blueprints for initial hulls, or they doesn't have a full fleet of it, are the top prize of a raid, and could be built, but with a higher build time.

Well, this is just my opinion thought, hope it helps!
In the end, it just down into maths, pure maths. We just don't really know how their math works.
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