Event won't load past 75%

Joined Oct 2013 Posts: 2
I've tried Facebook site and Kixeye site neither site loads on my account. It does load on my 2nd account!

  • kixeyeuser_1383269769671_1386292729
    Joined Jun 2015 Posts: 8
    I have the same problem. Tried getting kix to fix it twice but they seem intent upon blaming me , my computer, browser, speed, flash cache even though I have no problem with any other games. Personally I think someone programming at kix sabotaged some code because they didnt want the company sold.
  • Thierry9138
    Joined Nov 2013 Posts: 20
    Good afternoon, Today i decided to gave up forever this game, too much problem to load, now way to play the event again for the segond time. I lose all the time my XP. 4 years playing that game, i am sad. no support to asist you bye bye good luck
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