Collecting tokens needs to be stream lined.

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I need tokens for so many different units it is a logistical nightmare to get them.

Please can Kixeye look into some way of giving us a generic token base so as we can collect a token we can apply to any unit.  (This base to run along side the current token bases.)

The base could be worth "half a token" and we would accumulate them in the "training Experience" to then apply the token to the unit of our choice.
This game is now FARM COMMANDER.  Thorium drops should be 24 / 7 current drop times useless for me in the UK.
  • RUI COSTA 20
    RUI COSTA 20
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    I agree, I am lvl 37, and have no firepower for Token's bases. I think Kixeye should make a scale, for example up to lvl 40 can attack players other than lvl greater than 40.
    The game becomes unfair in the sense that the lvl high players, get to do several levels in the events, get to catch the new weapons for elite and omega, and the lower players can not. Kixeye must think about making change in that.
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