1.778 mil infamy

Bob Hill
Bob Hill
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this game is getting stupid
  • it will fitz
    it will fitz
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    needs more info to make sense 
  • Bob Hill
    Bob Hill
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    look at leaderboard top inf earners was getting 30 to 40 k now 1.778 mil would call that stupid

  • Blackheart319483
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    Funny thing is kixeye said this new infamy system will get those cowards away from top leaderboard. 
    Try again kixeye..
    Only way to get them these cheaters off leaderboard is to ban them for abusing exploits..

  • smaugthewyrm
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    kix has intentionally DE-valued the currency of infamy.

    infamy is now plentiful, for almost no effort and is endlessly available. 

    1) effect is that losses in PVP are easily replaced via abandoned bases in mere minutes.
    2) effect is that a player can earn such a high infamy that they will never drop below top medals payout.
    3) effect is many players will see that losses during PVP are trivial and easily replaced.

    minimizing losses and easing replacement of even those trivial losses makes PVP engagement ratios RISE.

    in most sectors, every abandoned base is bubbled continually.
    this will create very high ENGAGEMENT statistics game wide.

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    its fun now, nothing to really lose by pvp. Simple..  find enemy, kill all the toons around his base he hides behind while you are safe behind DP, then hit enemy once toons are out of the way . rinse and repeat . if you get hit and they succeed (usually not more then 1 star at most) . stay in dp until your next targets are found, kill all the toons they surround you with , go kill more toons around enemy base then pop again on next target .  
  • steve_81
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    i agree its a crazy  total to have, he is not hitting dead bases to get 1.7m lol

    My bet is that base is never open and is just a bank for a clan but my question is why do it? you reward for being top clan end of season is rubbish, it gives no benefit at all. if you have so much infamy you are getting top payout each week and if you can get so much infamy you probably have all units anyway so cant even spend the medals u get!

    your spending your whole life farming dead bases to get medals you dont need and probably spending money doing it!!!!

    I think the pvp season payout for clans should be done per sector! it will make some trouble in happy sectors if some clans jump in end of season to get a better payout or even resident clans try to better each other.

    at this moment the regular player in the regular clan has no reason to get over 8k infamy because they are never ever going to get into top 10 for a payout
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    check this out
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