Asking questions about javelin… in 2019

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This forum certainly hasnt seen a whole lot of activity in the past year.

Nevertheless maybe its worthwhile to still ask questions here. I played way back when the javelin flagship was first released, but i wasn't in the position to aquire it at that time. Now i'm hoping to get it, but i'm not quite sure how.

I've researched it in the ship lab already, but now i don't have the crafting components needed to craft it. I can craft "flagship parts" and "flagship armaments" from iron star stuff, but the pattern and cores still elude me. Can those be crafted as well? Or do i need to wait on kixeye to give me an opportunity to buy a javelin flagship strongbox?

Hopefully someone will actually see this…


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    The cores can be crafted from T5 cores. As for the pattern, you need a strongbox for that and who knows when it will come back. We're all waiting in the same boat as you.
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    Javelin has been re-released starting Tomorrow!!!!

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