searching for a trouble maker

andrew. s
andrew. s
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hey all im looking for a player accusing some of my members of cheating and trying to poach some of my members, if anyone knows where a player named KIDD is please let me know.
  • wing-dang-doodle
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    you can search for players and find which sector they are in. upper right on the figure with a spyglass on it. click there and type in who you want to find
    you keep whining like me but we are still here, i love broken pixels, how about you
  • Alexa the BAE
    Alexa the BAE
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    Trying to poach?
    too many kidd's... anyone have a battle log entry?
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  • Troll_U
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     lighten up, it's just a game

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  • emil.georgi.7
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    If you`re not cheating, then its just a running mouth. :-)
  • zinfedel42075
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    best thing is to do just let it go because that is the game if you don't like to be hit please find a other game because this is the way this game is 
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