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unfortunately i lose my event xp

Raja Abbasi
Raja Abbasi
Joined Aug 2014 Posts: 3
Dear kixeye ,

i had played last event of jan 2019 . i had given huge xp of time i got around 40 million xp out of which i spend 10 million xp .

suddenly i got sick and was admited to hospital for some days . when i came back found that i have lost all my xp . it was shocking for me because i took long time of me .

please do needfull to get back my 30 million xp . i will be thankfull
  • PAGEzus14Mapintas156
    Joined Apr 2019 Posts: 2

    I played to game for almost to months, I didn’t familiarize yet the game, this morning there was an event, I played then I used my gold to blitz the event, then I didn’t notice that that event is almost done, then when I almost finish my I stooped played then the event Is done also, and I didn’t even get my rewards

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