SSRB Titanium

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We can currently obtain 500k Base Parts in a single hit.  We can also obtain 130k Uranium in a single hit.  Both of these can be done via the SSRB.
The max titanium in a single hit that can be obtained is 30k.  I take more damage getting 30k Titanium than i do 500k base parts or 130k Uranium.

SSRB's have 2 open parts which are "Coming Soon".....Possibly taking the top target in Aprils raid & turning into the Titanium arm of the SSRB for a more significant return of titanium would be a viable option.  I'm sure others would also enjoy the opportunity to get titanium faster.

Just an idea to mull over kix.....I know we complain about adding too much before glitches & bugs are fixed but this may be one thing that not everyone would complain about if you added.
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