Dropping penalty on first raid of series for attacking med target

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With the first raid there is a lot of people with partially built hulls that have no chance at designated target for the new hulls. Plus it would give a chance to get used to the new ships. This last raid with Nemesis and Saturn I started raid with one Nemesis built one Arch Nemesis hull and a Nemesis hull. This couldn't finish any 61 or 63 target and was deemed overpowering? Later raids shouldn't change but that first raid in series give someone trying to build the new fleet a break. By the end of the raid I got those ships to the point of surviving an attack on the 81 target just before raid ended.
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    i got 3 nemesis and can do 102 with 45m - 90m rep time not a great build but what should i expect from boats without armor.
    im not build the flag cuz the build time of 9d+ and its empty, with that 9d i can get 1 regular ship full build without armor. for full build with no armor flagship maybe i can get 2 regular nemesis full build without armor.
    so if ur not a coiner u must use the time wise, build a flag rather than 2 regular is a bad choice imo. more boats = more power > as simple as that
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