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As the cycle now is only 3 months and we need 2 different fleets plus upgrades amounting to double build time why not be a little bit fair and make targets coop. That way at least apart from a bit more fun we can build one fleet. Before the trolls jump in who I totally ignore this is a just a thought.
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    it has now been some years since there has been a coop raid and to be fair i have always a big advocate of coop raids.

    They are useful to help low to mid end users gain experience and some tech, however coop comes with a price the main being they are much harder to do. not so bad if 2 high end players are working together but high end players working with low to mid lvl players take the brunt of the damage when helping and then tend not to want to help so much.

    Where i do think coop helps the most is when mid and lower end players help each other and their fleets are more balanced and tend to get more points each for their efforts , where as having an high end player will take the majority of points and leave little for the lower player
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    You do not need two fleets to do the raids.....even if it did, do you really think Kix would provide a way to avoid doing it?
    Two  upgrades to one ship total 5 days and the need for the third upgrade is questionable.
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    I dont know...i have a bad memory about the coop raids in the past.
    Someone was able to steal 50% from your raidpoints with only entering the coop target with a gunboat, you was working on.
    That was the main reason, to stop the coop targets in raids.

    Today, it would be different, because you would only get that points from the ships/structures you has in the FM targets.
    But it isnt necessary to have a coop target, if someone can prepp a target. And you would need a certain hull tier in top targets anyways.
    KIX would never allow a low tier ship to enter a top target...if that was the goal from your "coop" suggestion.
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