Help on Parse 110's

Grant Cook2
Grant Cook2
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Anyone have advice on the Parse 110's? I am hitting with 5 Lvl 6 Bastions, and a Sov, all with heavy plasma shielding and armor, and still getting 12 hours of repair.. they seem rather OP versus the Cybernauts.  I am hoping I am missing something here, or getting any more Lvl 5 cruisers is going to become a lost hope. 
  • Ben2901
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    I just line my bastions with my sov a little distance behind the line and turn the fleet off auto and I don't take nowhere near that amount of damage so not sure what your doing iv only got 3 mk5 bastions a 4 & a 2 try it my way and see I'm not claiming to be an expert lol

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