limit on ship build tokens need to change

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My Girl friend plays this game and she has been doing this weeks FM she got the points and got the build token from tier 3 and got the chest from 4 & 5 she open the first chest tier 4 and got a 2 day build token then open the second chest and got 1-2 day plus 1-2 she was happy that she got more tokens which should of been 7 days when she looked she just has 5 days total. The limit is just 2-2 days which needs to change when we open the chest we have no ideal whats in them it could be a **** or a new car. Kixeye need to change this so people don't get ripped off like they do
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    Done this myself as mentioned in past posts about the same issue, 'Player first' does not seem to take into account this issue. My suggestion is to always look at ship tokens before starting FM. FM T5 chest always give a 2day + one of other 1day, 2day, 3day, 4day, 5day, 6day or 7day, so making you have no 2day tokens is a must, and always best to open this chest before claiming the T3 1day token, or opening the T4 chest. If you are saving the tokens for use during or after raid, then do not open chests until tokens are needed, keeping in mind that the T5 has many possible combinations,even though most of the time it is a 1x 2day + 1x 1day token, but worse case as this week, 2x 2day, but you had already claimed and opened the T4 chest and had not used the token.  It does need increasing, but then players would just keep saving until the max, and not use until they also have full set of chests to open before they can claim more chests from FM. Another thought would be make the 2nd token different to the standard tokens, to avoid this from keep happening to players, but kix just keep adding more 'NEW' features instead. Good Luck to you both in the raid :)
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