Need a HUD on map screen for Res

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Would like to see a HUD above viewing area in map, Between med an gold count box an the other tab on the right. Let it have a retractable tab so if we do not wish to view it we can click that. In the HUD have it display our Res and TT, UR an Base parts so it's not a guess on what you have in base May the numbers show xxxxxxxx / xxxxxxxxxxx Be have this much out of / how much you can hold. That would help many of us with the chores we happen to have so we do not have to go in base every so often and check to see how much we need.
  • christine.smith.967422
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    I like this idea too. I often thought is it slowing the overall game down with us constantly jumping in and out of base to check UR and **** status while working several fleets to collect. 
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