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Eby Jacob
Eby Jacob
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Before commenting, know that this is just a theoretical question/poll, I have no hope in my mind this will make them create a Battle Pirates 2.

I stopped playing Battle Pirates around two years ago, I did come on a tiny bit here and then, but shortly stopped, I couldn't keep up with the game, playing the 1-2 hours or so a day I normally would, even with coining fleet repairs, it got to the point where you'd have to spend a ton of money or a ton of time of time AND money to keep up.

I think most of us can agree the game was more enjoyable and playable about 3-4 years ago, builds and cost of things continued to rise, I don't know if they've added anything to help out with the troubling issues recently(2016-2017), but I know they've tried to.

So, how many of you would want a Battle Pirates 2, heavily based on the original Battle Pirates of course, before voting no because you are a heavy coiner and don't want your money you've spent on this game to go to waste, remember this is theoretical, so please don't let your current state/base change your vote.
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Battle Pirates 2 37 votes

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  • DukeNukem01
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    Mostly it would be something new and hopefully fun.  Not because i think it stinks the way it is now.  I happen to one of the ones that likes it now.
  • Emperor Vader
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    I would say Yes if they move it away from being a flash based game. Maybe that would help with some of the game issues.
  • Shiba
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    I disagree it was more fun back then.. 

    Now, you do not NEED to coin the fleets to say up to date, we get soo many build tokens for free its not funny.   It is easier, and cheaper to play now then it ever has.  

    IDK about a BP2, but I would support a move to Unity, or some other engine to get away from flash. 

  • fluFFy2007
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    not gonna happen 100%
    i refuse to coin. i'll wait
  • jarrodskufca1
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    You don't know. They could do it. I want them to do it.
  • Stanooo
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    I am quite a clever retired engineer with degee lever education, but the game now has too many variables to keep up with, make the design of a hull almost impossible. just now kixeye are introducing a new factor simlar to ranking by calling it upgardes this is just a step too far and I will be leaving shortly as I can no longer spend all day building, ranking and collecting just to try keep up. the game should be based on players spending around 3 hrs per day No more. I would play a new game as long as Kixeye are not running the show.
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