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    Harald only hit by Anti air ONLY units. Rocket workshopped Technicals work best. If you are defending in person. 
    I know nothing that kills Harald if you get attacked while off line. I have had Harald kill me off line no matter what I have in base defending. My base stocked full of anti air 'only' units still gets wiped by Harald if I am off line.
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    fusion hunter turrets and rocket technicals are your best bet
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    this is a good topic to look into seeing the next op unit the shepherd  is like the hearld   now it was noted that all anti air units/turrets can hit the hearld but not everything damages the thing  well  now the next question if you are going to be undefended in base or defended if its undefended i would get hunters and fusion turrets up in lv  they do the best damage   i would also lv up your war factory so you can use hades ( you can use seekers as well but they take to long to get to )  to deploy   defended R technicals are the best they can down an omega herald very quickly  even at lv 1 and without tech  another trick is to have your base somewhat spread out so you can withstand the splash from the heralds bombs .  one last point most commanders now even lower lvs ( i think they are  alts anyways )  dont use the herald by its self they will deploy a sige  or some ground units to help distract/ defend  so in other words dont set up your base just to defend vs a hearld  
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