Resource & Thorium Base Update

  • maligator
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    Thor V - toon hit on deploy. 
  • Yorkylass
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    Collecting oil n' metal is a boring but necessary chore, something we all have to do and is the one chore we want to get done as quickly as possible.  I personally don't want those bases to be a 'challenge' I want to get in n' out as quickly as possible so that I can continue with the other boring chore of upgrading the relentless amount stuff you bombard us with.  Maybe the 'farmers' of the game will be giddy with joy that they have something to use their precious shiny new toys on because it is all they use them for    So please do us all a favour and make those bases something we don't have to engage our brains n' faff about with!
  • FFQ
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    maligator said:
    Thor V - toon hit on deploy. 
    kixcash whant gold and gold kixeye is rotten
  • Daryl_L1
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    Now this is awesome

    What is so awesome about having to deal with beefed up vk units that are now in all the thorium bases
  • SIR HammerHead1960
    SIR HammerHead1960
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    i took a 8 month break came back 3 weeks ago and now you guy's make it so i just quit now **** you dumb greedy **** people keep your game i will go back to poker thanks for nothing kix your about to lose alot more players now enjoy your bankRupt
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    Since us the players wanted to run hookers with the rez op kixeye decides well instead of making a special op slot for hookers only it would be much better to add difficulty to an already difficult game. What I'd personally like to know is how does this promote growth and new players to the game? It's evident they are not concerned with growth or with their loyal fans.

  • kitkat2022
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    im looking for a metaloil/thor1 base but only toughest one left on map-as all wanted same too,easy one -wait later finding out no more easy base left on map..pick what is left lol ....sorry i just had a nightmare;hoping not gonna come true Lol+during event specially;between so many base 
  • Sarge384
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    So far no problems.

  • Rock-NStomper2
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    Still missed the MARK 30 Million Res was a great Idea but NOOOOO go from 15 mil str8 to 50 mil.. What a Waste still make mid levels struggle... Other then that.. Umm ok lol

    Tough Times make tough people,  Tough people make easy times, Easy times make Weak people..... Playing since 2010
  • mrmikes
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    Kix killing the game more with each update 
  • Jim93843
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    BEHOLD !
    I called it...
    Their 'improvements' are to work a person to death.
  • jackson peters
    jackson peters
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    and so it begins ......... The Res and particularly the thor grind ... I was willing to spend medals on Malachi to be able to get thor in quantities that would allow me to build units and upgrade etc ..... I waqs willing to spend gold to repair units to assist malachi to enable me to maybe get ahead, and to allow me time to attack bases and players to try to maintain my lvl of medals ..... I thought the game was starting to mesh and balance out a little ....... and now this new basees for res and thor ......... so for me its still run Master loot and start trying to find low lvl res bases to hit ... they are pretty scarce as for the thor ... I just tried  a lvl V malachi lasted aahhhhh not long ... hvy damage to my 4 envoys, heavy damage to my little romero, and 8 hrs damage to my flying **** oh and 2 hrs on my phals all for 50 mil thor  which builds 2 new lancers .....................   :( sadly I feel as though Im back to being  unable to compete at any lvl and will just become easy prey for the high lvls to play with again ........ war commander uniform off .... farmers hat for the res and thor grind on . thanx for crushing my poor lil heart suxeye LOL
  • Daryl_L1
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    There's a saying: If it ain't broke DON'T fix it. In this case, something that was NOT broken to begin with (thorium bases) have now become more troublesome to complete.
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    this change is really stupid/ bases are way over power. Kix was players to spend money. really/really suck....I have been playing for over 7yrs but this just about did it for me.........very disappointed 
  • David Hitz
    David Hitz
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    3-1/2 hours of damage on a Tier V 90 thorium base.... for 50 million thor... not really a fair payout for that much damage!!!
  • Lovely_Assassin
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    Why did you put the spotlights back into the thor bases again after the wc community told you guys we hate the spotlights in them the last time. So why do you half listen to us. Remove them!!
    lv 42

    use to wander the sectors for fun, till wrongthinker killed the fun ...
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    i dont like new base resources and thor i go stop play
  • kixeyeuser_423772974_7361_2954932
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    nothink but  a boring PVE  grind  game now 

  • johns.chairs
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    i have just come back to game 3 days ago  just about struggled to do thor with  a lot of damage cus i am way behind on the latest  toons been away for over a year or more but now really thinking of not coming back to play  to far behind and now these new changes  i can see a lot of players giving up  PLEASE put it back how it was you know we need thor and res every day  all day long  we need it quick and fast for the big up grades i see i have to do  so roll it back to what it was ty 
  • Lil__Lightnin
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    what a joke , the new stuff in the towers for these bases have a range that out ranges anything so your toons get hit as soon as they land  ,  this is meant to make us coin,  so sorry  kix  , but once again  you are going to turn players away from the game ,  the gold itself costs too much  and I for one will not be spending another cent on this game   ,  it took 1 hit with malachi op to do 80s before , now the equivalent takes 4 hits with Malachi   and in some the juggy gets stuck and killed without even firing one shot, so very well done  ,

  • JimMcGet
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    Watch what Kix is actually giving....did a Oil/Metal VI base, which is suppose to be 400 mill payout....I got 350 mill. Not only are they making it harder to get res, they arent even giving the right amounts. Lower level players are screwed to be able to get res now. $$$$$$$ grab at it's finest.
  • johns.chairs
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    res and thor is the most thing you need to play this game its a must have   and you make it very hard to do   who wants to grind doing res and thor getting a **** load of damage  we get that form doing the other bases so why  touch our thor and res bases put them back to the way  they was  we dont need your up grades on these bases let us have our res and thor bases back like they was  lowers  can not even cope with this  your killing the game even the big coiners  are going to rebel they coin enough on events  and  all the other bases they need res  and thor they are not going to want **** loads of repairs doing those bases 

  • SloppySecondz
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    New Bases are a joke, will reduce playing considerably after this update.  Another cash grab it seems, which is sad. Company is only thinking of itself here as the game goes downhill, not looking out for its players.
  • Jim93843
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    Noticed oil/metal payout in the II may or may not happen.
    I had 3 completions, awarded the spec op, but no metal/oil.
    I ended up signing out, back in, and was topped up.. but still, shouldn't have had to do 3 in the first place.

    Missiles are still buy here and now... some may be ready to go, others may be shipped by amazon in 10 minutes.

    Raid repairs .. 75% faster repair time (or whatever the gimmic has been all this time) .. Repair time of 1 second comes off the clock for every 4 seconds of real time passing.. so yea, that 6 minutes of damage, will take around 24 minutes of your life.
    Use to be able to remove a damaged/destroyed unit from raid and place into normal platoon for repair at 'full' time, but seems it red messages the screen and crashes the game around 30 seconds after making the move.

    Now, the metal/oil and raid repair timer was not like this prior to the update.
    The missiles have been screwy for a month or so.

    Now I have to sign back in and select a new raid platoon to begin repair.
  • Xeno Phon
    Xeno Phon
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    another kixfail
    Help improve War Commander, do not coin until positive changes are made.
  • Tim_S165
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    When u think kixnuts cannot fak the game, than some smart appear and did again...
    This game will turn us into farm commanders rather than war commanders res and thor shoould be the easy to get rather than damage u up so the new people coming in wont stand a chance

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    my game stuck loading sector
    fix that lmfao
  • MommaRose
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    Instead of changing bases we have to do daily in order to keep up with game.....WHY DONT YOU FIX THE STUFF THAT IS BROKEN...tired of you changing bases just because its made the resource and thor bases harder to do..yet you keep on giving us upgrades that cost more and more resources and are not making the game are just trying to raise your coffers on the backs of your already lost thousands of are about to lose more if you continue this crap
    Live Laugh Love
  • N_Plastiras
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    What did i say yesterday???
    Enjoy the crying. start playing your game before you change anything.
    Challenge:any moderator can post a video with new resources base and thor made with libs and hammers (units the low level playres may have)?????

  • Mr.Hmooblis
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    i just think that on these new thor and res base..the toones in towers,way too strong,way over power for the res bases and thor,rocket launcher dam hehehe way too strong and viper x...i wonder our viper x is that strong like kixs..
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