Resource & Thorium Base Update

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We will begin despawning Thorium 75, 80 ,and Ironstrike 60 on January 31st at 12 AM PST. Please note that you may get kicked out of those Bases when they start despawning.

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    Now this is not awesome

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    I'm going to go make a sandwich.
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  • Firohe
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    Now this is a loooooong overdue change. Ironstrike 60's were the most res and really easy. I hope I-III are AFKable. Makes the most sense.
  • kooks camacho
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    i see we are getting better people .good for u all

  • Jun-lll
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    this is funtastic..

  • Dawn Boyle
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    they are getting rid of master loot op ???
  • Jimnet
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    they are getting rid of master loot op ???
    No, they are just making better resource bases, master loot is till here, and actually will eventually be one of the possible prizes
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    Master Loot is staying in, just slightly easier to get now.
  • TroyW
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    Thank you for listing the number of versions ( Layouts ) of the new thorium bases.


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    im assuming ironstrike is just adapting mostly zealot units since the other 2 members havent been updated yet?
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    CM_Burny said:
    We will begin despawning Thorium 75, 80 ,and Ironstrike 60 on January 31st at 12 AM PST. Please note that you may get kicked out of those Bases when they start despawning.

    sound is good
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    And the **** and complaining will begin in: 3, 2, 1..... LOL
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    I sure would rather have base we need to play the game on map, more so than upgrade ok so we get some base 2 days nice, but would be better if all the bases we need were on map full time like osiege instead of 1 or 2 day make them available at all times, we dont need a map full search for everything we need now would be no difference this may give us more time to get our need to stay caught up with game. AS far as new bases not looking forward to them everything KIxeye touches seem to be broken and cost player more repair time, everything past 6 months take more time to gather needed reso and thorium with difficulty getting harder and harder.
  • kleiny7
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    think i will make some popcorn for this one. glad they are doing it while i will be working.

  • NightDeacon
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    Is forward op still usable, or is it just for low levels?
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    finally they will do some thing good it's cool res update .
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     my id   Khaled90018 i cannot open the main 1 in event .. the problem in lancer .. it dowen game sector 48  -  221  3 dayes i cannot playing . i lost the event
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  • MrBeers
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    take it ur gonna fk the game up and more ppl left the game again or res and thor  be to hard to do and more low lvl begging cheers kix lol
  • Avireous
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    Ok this is Epic.

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  • N_Plastiras
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    Again start playing your game.
    "Forward operating" really??????????? A op that is useless since you are not allowed to deploy from deposit and its still a gift and still drops from bases.
    For the rest of the update the base will be update to fit the power of our toys and make farming cost us. So lets see...
    Tomorrow i will remind u that on the crying you will see.
  • moggiem
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    Just when it was starting to get easy you change stuff again I give up trying to catch up lol
  • Samurai Pizza Cat
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    The only source's thing that needed changes were the bastion and the silicon/chemical collect/store system.
    How many redlokust30 bases to get your sil/chem bastion deposit full?  maybe 15 or 20 sometimes?
    and to build 2 towers in base with lvl5 weapons lab? or to build them later when there is no sil/chem/core in map? how do you store enough of these sources in weapons lab?

    And master loot does not works with these bases. Same problem with thorium bases. Can you fix it?

  • chinapig
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    Jim93843 said:
    retarded. thanks a lot.
    people will complain the VII are handing out too much experience and they are leveling too quickly...
    people already forgot that EVERY time kixeye makes a 'generous' payout update.. they increase the metal. oil, thorium, even time, on units and buildings.
    enjoy spending more time farming from now on.
    1> xp payout for gathering res was (wrongly) stopped some time ago.
    2> People have no right to complain they were levelling up quickly, If they only took the res they needed this would be no problem.

    I agree farming might be more time consuming, once master loot is removed from the gear store.
  • digmaannato
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    smaller ones will be having time to grow up,,,
  • ColinXYZ
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    CM Bunny can you please clarify the following

    1. What has happened to the Raining Blood Op? Will this be a available in the Gear store from now on.

    2. Will the Master Loot still apply to the Metal / Oil resource bases?

    3. Is Master loot going to be removed from the Gear Store?

    On another matter to help reduce the grind for resources can we have the Red Locust bases for Silicon, Chemicals payout be 200 and the Core bases payout be 100 with the payouts reducing to the amounts top up storage capacity to full.
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