I can not raise my level

Lucas Cardozo
Lucas Cardozo
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since the update clipher event I can not level up, I already made the factory in level 10 to be sure if it was going to rise but it did not give anything already released plants but until now is stopped in that number to some solution to what I believe is it a mistake?

  • Chili Industries Ltd
    Chili Industries Ltd
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    Not entirely sure which "already released plants" you're talking about, as there are no such things in this game. Plans? Planets? Maybe a translator would help?

    Whenever you recycle a structure, remove an item or replace it with something worth less XP than what the replaced item was worth, you lose experience, but your level doesn't go down. That lost experience needs to be restored, before you start to gain levels again.

    Xeno weapons and Exophase fields will give you quite a lot of XP, so if you've replaced some of those with something else, expect that it will take quite some time before you start to level up again.

    It can happen that Kix will change the values of various items, and thereby influence your gain if you have some of those fitted to your structures, but to my knowledge that hasn't happened recently.

    Also, higher level doesn't mean better defence. As the game is balanced currently, it's exactly the opposite, so try to stay as low level you can for as long as you can. Every improvement you make to your base and every blueprint you complete will give you XP.
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