Turrets Of Terror

Lakhbir Singh
Lakhbir Singh
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Joined Aug 2011 Posts: 383
can we please have a easier version of turrets of terror TLC please; having major issues with the elite version atm; and i really wanna get new turrets for my base...any help in this would be appreciated...
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  • deadpools002
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    have to agree, I don't play much, would like to improve base, but campain too hard for my current sad fleets, have icebreakers but they die too fast to be any good, only have 2 other ships that will work in tlc, so how am i able to improve?? your making it impossible to get better....cut us a tiny bit of slack please... most of your coiners already have these turrets, so they don't need this campain, make it so someone other than your whales can do something.... thanks
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