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Are you one of those guys who still has a Team Bishop banner as your forum signature? Do you miss the good ole days when VSec was the worst thing we had to worry about? Think VEGA Security hulls are the prettiest ships in the game? Do you want to PVP with lower level ships because the repairs are cheaper and are going to get cheaper still? Do you hate the rebels and want to restore order to our sectors? Do you want to drive out the Umbra infectors and restore the glorious VEGA Federation?

If any of these apply to you, then you should join the [VSe̅c] VE̅GA̅ Security alliance! We are open to all players. We specialize in the usage of all VSec hulls, the Phoenix frigate (because it is an updated Blood Raven), and the Javelin flagship (because of its massive utility). Anybody with a Javelin will get a captain permit. If you are trying to build up to VSec ships or the Phoenix, other ship will be permitted until you can get ahold of the desired blueprints.

Join today for a fun, active, and helpful alliance!

Image credit: VEGA Conflict forum user @RamWhite
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