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People leaving

Joined Jun 2018 Posts: 2

Hi to everyone, just wanna write down a note about a fact. Recently and to the several game chamges and upgrades it became more and more money oriented and less fun. As result many historical players are leaving. Please dont take this as a sterile complain but as a point for inprovement. Money are needed of course but if in the end u loose several players then the deal might be no longer that good.
I am not a youg boy since years and i am writing this to let the development team know what is a general feeling. No need to reply to this post saying that i am not frced to pay, it would be a silly and useless comment showing only that the aim of this message has not been understood.
If nobody cares abou this (all on all it is just a game for me eheh) then fair enough. I said what i wanted and thank u for reading till here!

All the best!

  • Runner186
    Joined Dec 2018 Posts: 3
    Exactly my talking thumbs up
  • Cold Void
    Cold Void
    Joined Jun 2018 Posts: 3

    Yes we’ve been asking kixeye to slow down shoving in new units that cost tons of resources and war credits but I think their aim is to kill the game as fast as they can while making as much revenue as they possibly could get out of people.

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